Hemp Wick – 100ft Ball | 2MM

Hemp Wick – 100ft Ball | 2MM



Product Quantity Price per Unit
6+ $8.99

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This slightly thicker Hemp Wick at 2MM is going to burn a bit brighter and longer than the 1mm hemp wick.

Waxed hemp twine provided to you on this easy to use spool has been covered in eco-friendly bee’s wax. The amount of waxed applied is a perfect amount allowing the waxed twine to hold a flame. This is a very high quality European-sourced hemp wick that you and your customers will be very happy with.

One of the best parts about this product is the quality and integrity. It’s totally biodegradable, compostable, Earth-Friendly, Toxin-Free, Chemical-Free and Organic!


You can use this as an alternative to lighting your smokable herbs or to light several candles at one time without wasting your lighter fluid.

A lot of folks are using waxed hemp twine as a replacement to inhaling the fumes from a lighter (lighter not included in purchase).

Most Common uses:

  • Lighting Herbs
  • Lighting Candles
  • Macrame
  • Crafts
  • Wrapping presents
  • Binding Books
  • Starting Campfires
  • Lighting the stove
  • Lighting the pilot light
  • Gardening
  • and much more!


Thickness: 2mm
Test Strength: 48lbs
Length: 100ft
Weight: 60g/ball
Origin: Romania
Material: 100% Hemp Twine, 100% Natural (Pesticied-Free All Natural Bees Wax)