Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Hemp Horse Bedding HempCrete or Mulch – 30lbs

Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Hemp Horse Bedding HempCrete or Mulch – 30lbs


Looking for hemp hurd for hemp horse bedding, hempcrete, gardening mulch, or for a composite or plastic product you’re making? Get bulk pricing for high quality USA grown and processed hemp hurd fiber in 30lb Compressed Bales.


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Bulk Pricing

Quantity Price
1 $38.00
50 $25.50
3,600+ $17.00

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This compressed bale of hemp hurd fibers is intended to be used for larger projects or wholesale distribution.

The main uses for this product are for hempcrete, animal and hemp horse bedding, mulch, as well as composite products.

Compressed Hemp Hurd Bale Specifications

SIZE: 5 lb Per Cubic ft.)
WEIGHT: Aprx 30 lbs total
SHIPPING PACKAGE: 20 in x 20 in box

Hemp Hurd White Label & Custom Packaging Services

Would you like to have your own labels and branding for this product?

We can offer a simple printed label that would be applied to each bale, with a 50 bale Minimum Order Quantity.

If you’d like custom compressed bags with your branding printing directly onto the packaging, the Minimum Order Quantity is 15,000 units.

Feel free to send in a quote request by visiting this page here and sending us your details.

Benefits of Hemp Hurds for Horse Bedding

  • Hemp Hurd has Low dust levels compared to other wood chip products
  • Helps keep ammonia odor levels down and helps diminish smell
  • Pound for Pound hemp is an overall higher value making it more cost-effective and supporting a more sustainable economy
  • Hemp Hurd Horse Bedding lasts longer and absorbs more than 6 times it’s own weight.
  • Hemp is 100% biodegradable, sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • It’s a tree-free product, and a carbon neutral product.
  • Healthier living area for your horse or other pet.
  • Horses love it, and their owners have only shared great reports on ease of use and longevity.
Hemp is Sustainable
Hemp is Tree-Free
Hemp is Biodegradable
Hemp is Vegan

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