Hemp Crew Socks | Chocolate Brown & Black

Hemp Crew Socks | Chocolate Brown & Black



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These Chocolate Brown and Black Satori Hemp socks are great… due to their antimicrobial properties.

They are soft from the organic cotton, while strong and durable, due to the properties of the hemp fibers.

Hemp is naturally breathable allowing more oxygen to flow to your body preventing the growth of bacteria.

This is the bacteria which grows in human perspiration and the main cause of body odor.

Hemp is also very absorbent. In other words, you can wear the hemp socks & they will have much less odor than 100% cotton socks. Wearing hemp socks results in less odor due to perspiration.

Who Are These Hemp Socks For?

These are great for active, sports-minded people. Designed by skateboarders, these socks are made to last!

Where Would these Socks be Worn?

You could wear these socks while skateboard, running, chilling, relaxing, or pretty much anywhere.


Size: Small/Medium (8-10) & Large/X Large (10.5 – 12) (SM/MD – LG/XL)
Composition: 51% Hemp, 38% Organic Cotton 11% Spandex
Style: Chocolate Brown Ankle with a Black foot | with Satori Logo