Glesia Hemp Planting Seeds – Grain Variety | 50lb Bag

Glesia Hemp Planting Seeds – Grain Variety | 50lb Bag



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The Glesia Hemp Seed variety is well known for its good quality hemp grain production.

Now YOU can start benefiting from the awesome nutrient content of WHOLE, LIVING, Hemp Seeds to get high quality yields.

These seeds are different from Hemp Grain SeedsThe distinction between Hemp Seed Grain and Hemp Planting Seeds is that the grain seed is not intended for agricultural purposes.

Hemp Planting Seeds are first generation and therefore produce high quality seeds for pressing into oil and making food products.

PLEASE NOTE: The harvested seeds from these seeds are NOT ALLOWED to be re-propagated and we require a non-propagation agreement for these seeds.


Bag Size: 15in x 26in x 7in
Weight: 50lbs
Packaging: Woven Grain Sack


  • SUGGESTED SEED RATE: 25lb -30lb Per Acre
  • Shortest length of vegetation period among hemp varieties of continental European origin.
  • Grain Yield Avg: 1400 – 1500 lb/ac Fiber Yield Avg: 4000 lb/ac Avg Height: 6′ – 8′
  • Total Seeds per pound: Aprx 26,000
  • For growing industrial hemp for grain product and fiber for non-woven purposes
  • Not typically intended for use as a grain producing variety

Use Restrictions:

  • Use or Sale as seed of the product derived from this industrial hemp seed (GLESIA) is prohibited.
  • No Alteration of this industrial hemp seed (GLESIA) through genetic techniques or otherwise is permitted.
  • All grain produced from the planting of this industrial hemp seed (GLESIA) needs to be processed or made non-viable. No seed saving allowed.
  • The grower becomes liable for opened bags.

No seed will be shipped without a valid and legal grower’s license, without a non-propagation agreement received.