100% Hemp Twill – 12 oz Damaged Closeout | Per Yard

100% Hemp Twill – 12 oz Damaged Closeout | Per Yard



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Almost every yard has some damage… for example parts of the yarn threaded in the fabric are broken or missing… there is slight shading on some parts.

If you’re going to make something small like a bag, or wallet, or shoe you can cut around the flaws…anything like upholstery or apparel could be tricky since there 

This textile is excellent for jeans, jackets, shorts, as well as home furnishings such upholstery for couches, chairs, pillows, etc… This fabric has also been successfully used in accessories such as caps, bags, and wallets.

If you have any questions about this fabric or any of our hemp fabrics we are more than happy to be of service; give us a call today: 805-410-4367

Product Specifications

Composition: 100% Hemp Twill
Weave: Twill
Weight: 12 oz. per square yard
Width: 57″
Color: Natural
Country of Origin: China